Android 10 Anniversary: These disappearing classic apps do you remember?

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The Android system has already entered its tenth year. In the impression of many old netizens, the two systems, iOS and Android, seem to be the same in the past few years, but a closer look at history, officially released in September 2008, Android, is already the real 10-year-old system.

Andrew’s been a veteran for ten years.

Over the past decade, Android has evolved and the ecosystem has spawned countless good apps.

At the same time as Android’s eco-prairie, there are a number of classic Android apps that stop developing and remain in a memorable version. How much do you remember the classic Android apps that have disappeared?

Let’s just take a look at the classic Android apps that have stopped updating and are away from us today.


If you are an Android user, you should know that in the past many Andro have supported SD cards, however, Android system has a comparison of the setting of egg pain-even if you use the SD card to expand the capacity, the app is still installed by default only in the built-in storage, SD card is only used for music, video and other data, encountered a relatively large game, Can only look at the idle SD card stare.

What to do? This is when APP2SD is in use.

APP2SD can move apps from built-in storage to SD cards

This is a gadget that transfers the app from built-in storage to the SD card. It requires root to be used, but the Andro also rarely locks the BL lock, and it is easy to recovery the Supersu for root.

The APP2SD principle is to simulate the SD card into an internal storage space, so that apps can be installed in the SD card.

Applications similar to APP2SD are app2sd+ and LINK2SD, and they function similarly, but the principles are different.

However, with the new mechanism introduced by Android 6.0, the app is generally no longer installed in the SD card, and the APP2SD class tool is discarded.
Of course, make sure to get the app to the SD card or it can, but it needs to be frustrating, not easy.

Now that the phone capacity is large enough, the need for apps to move to SD cards is less urgent.

In fact, people do not need such tools now, and in the era of built-in storage 4G, APP2SD does have a lot of scope, but now Andro’s built-in storage is generally more than 16G, APP2SD such tools are left out of the cold, also understandable.

At present, both APP2SD and LINK2SD have stopped updating and become the classics of the past era.


In the early years, Andro was a big advantage over iOS in that it could play flash video. Jobs announced that the iphone will not support Flash, almost all the onlookers are puzzled, after all, Flash is absolutely called the Internet can be so colorful a hero, stealing vegetables to see what is inseparable from the video.

does not support Flash, this is crazy?

Support Flash was once seen as an Android advantage, but the actual experience is not good

Android was the first to support Flash, and in the age of HTML5 even a standard, only Android was able to watch the small movies embedded in the forum posts.

When the Android fans and iOS users argue, Flash’s lack also becomes a compelling reason to argue that iOS is a crippled system.

But gradually, more and more people realize that flash experience in mobile devices is not satisfactory, although you can watch video, but when flash card into PPT, you see really so happy?

Not only that, Flash also brings a series of problems of power consumption, heating and safety.

Finally, Andrew was too fed up with flash.

Flash withdrew from Android platform in 2012, and the app went to a halt; in Android 6.0, Android completely abandoned flash support and Flash was no longer functional on Android platforms.

Adobe has announced that it will completely eliminate flash in 2020, both PC and mobile platforms, and Flash is history.

Although the experience of Flash on Android is not so great, it still allows Android to become the exclusive platform for Flash games such as stealing vegetables, which brings happy memories to many people.


To work on Android, all kinds of office apps are unavoidable. In the early days of Android, the most popular office app was quickoffice.
It is more comprehensive, although not so smooth, but used to read documents, make simple changes, there is no problem.

Google bought Quickoffice in 2012 and stopped the app development two years later

Quickoffice was so popular that it was acquired by Google and became Andong’s Office application.

However, since cutting hands and feet is Google’s glorious tradition, you can’t count how much is closed by Google.

Quickoffice very unfortunate, also encountered with Google Reader and other excellent services the same fate Google in 2014 closed

Quickoffice and put it from the store shelves.

But Google does not have any reason to do so. In fact, Google has to Google Drive integration into the relevant functions of office, Quickoffice stay seems to have no meaning.

Of course, both the Quickoffice and the Google Drive Office feature are limited, and Android users are more accustomed to using Microsoft’s own Office applications or WPS.


And Symbian, WM and other generations of smart machines compared to the Android, iOS one of the great advantages of multimedia, especially video playback ability greatly enhanced.

In the early days of Android, Diceplayer was the most powerful Android video player, and it was able to use the chip’s neon module for video hard solutions, support srt, ass and other formats of subtitles, but also to play the local area network and even the Internet video.

For the smart machine users, such a powerful universal video player, in the Symbian, WM era is very difficult to imagine.
Diceplayer is a very classic Android video player

However, Diceplayer has faded out of the arena. It has not been updated for a long time, function and performance has been mxplayer and other juniors greatly beyond.

The departure of such a powerful video player is a pity.

Android decade, countless classic apps were born, and countless classic apps died. The app, which was now lost in the wind, was much more than mentioned in the article.

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